Hearing Survey in the Kamikitayama Village

[28-31 August 2023]

In Kamikitayama Village, lcoated within the Yoshino District of Nara Prefecture, we conducted a joint hearning survey with the members of Waseda University’s Sasaki Kunaki Laboratory. Thanks to the introduction by Professor Fukuda and the arrangement made by Professor Sasaki from Waseda University, Hasegawa and Ebashi from our lab joined as surveyors.

We were assigned to different districts and visited each household in the village. We asked questions about their daily lives and their thoughts on the future of the village. kamikitayama1.jpgThe villagers welcomed us warmly, and we were able to hear honest and frothright stories from them. On the other hand, we also realized the serious fact of depopulation and aging in the village through concrete conversations. Before that, I had a concern about the decline of rural areas and entered this field and research lab with that awareness, but this survey has further strengthened that consciousness for me.

Additionally, we spent four days living and dining together, deepening our friendship with the members of the Sasaki Laboratory. Following last summer’s joint seminar camp in Nagaoka, this year’s activities included BBQ, watermelon smashing, and fireworks. It was a very enjoyable time, not limited to the survey. I would like to express my gratitude to the members of the Sasaki Laboratory for their meticulous preparations.

We plan to compile the findings of this survey as a feedback material. It woll serve as the material for an upcoming workshop scheduled for this December, where the villagers will take the lead in considering the future of their community. Once again, I would like to express my  appreciation to everyone at the Nara Prefecture Office, the residents of Kamikitayama Village, and the members at Waseda University’s Sasaki Laboratory for their invaluable support throughout this survey.



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