Joint Seminar Camp @ Echigo-Yuzawa

On 1st and 2nd August, we held a joint seminar with Sasaki Kuniaki laboratory of Waseda University in Echigo-Yuzawa, Niigata Prefecture.


During the joint seminar, research presentations were made by mainly M2 and M1 students from both laboratories. From our lab, (M2 students) Mr.Arai, Mr.Tabata, Ms.Hazama, and (M1 students) Mr. Krittanai and Mr. Chee Yung have presented their research. As the students were working on similar research themes, for instance, the utilization of big data, traffic networks during disasters, and land use regulations, there was a lively discussion after each presentation.


Moreover, Mr. Kamaiishi from the Snow and Ice Research Center of the National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Resilience, has given a keynote lecture on snow damage. For those of us who live in Tokyo, snow damage rarely attracts attention from people. However, the snow damage in the snow-rich regions is a very serious problem, especially in terms of the economy. I have realized that the snow damage is a disaster that requires more necessary countermeasures just like other disasters. The whole joint seminar has provided me with good inspiration for my future research activities.


On the night of the first day, we presented a birthday cake to Ms. Nakamura (B4) who had a birthday the day before the joint seminar! The members of the Sasaki Lab also celebrated it with us, making it a grand birthday party!



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