Recent report from Iokura

We have received a recent report from Ms. Iokura (M1), who is currently studying abroad.

It has been a long time. My name is Ihoroi.
It has been about a month and a half since I came to study at KTH in Sweden.
The temperature here is only in the single digits during the daytime, and although it is winter in Japan, I still feel like it is still autumn. I can feel the days getting shorter day by day, and I am stretching my wings both physically and mentally in the slow nature of Northern Europe.
This semester I am mainly taking classes and it is almost the end of the semester. I am still getting used to discussions in English, but it is refreshing to hear opinions from international students of different nationalities with different backgrounds, and it is interesting to see the city and Japan from a completely different perspective than I have seen before.
It is a shock to me when something I took for granted crumbles with a bang.
In my personal life, I bought a recipe book of Swedish food, so I am addicted to cooking Swedish food myself, which is too expensive to eat out. But I can’t compete with Thai food, that’s my conclusion so far. With a strong immigrant culture, Swedes love Thai! I also discovered an unexpected connection between Thailand and Sweden.
I hope to serve you delicious Swedish food made by HIHOLOI when I return to Japan, so please look forward to it! (I hope you will all enjoy it!)

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