Hong Kong Society for Transportation Studies 2019


The Hong Kong Society for Transportation Studies 2019 was held in Kowloon, Hong Kong.

From the Fukuda Lab, Mr. Ogawa (M2) and Mr. Kita (M1) gave their presentations following the CSIS and the Fall Conference.

It was the first time for both of us to present the research abroad, but we managed to get through the Q&A session without any help from their professors. I don’t know if the questioners really understood our ideas or not, because our English was so poor… (laugh) (laugh).

Mr. Nagasaki, an M1 student who is currently in the Netherlands and also belongs to the Asakura Lab at TSU, flew directly from the Netherlands to Hong Kong to give a poster presentation.

In the center of Hong Kong, there are many Japanese chain restaurants such as Yoshinoya, Don Quijote, and Marugame Seimen, and there is a lot of Japanese language in the city. This was my first time to visit an Asian country. I wonder if it is the same in mainland China, Korea and Taiwan. To be honest, I did not really feel that I was in a foreign country. Although the recent situation in Hong Kong has caused a lot of concern to the people concerned, there were no public rallies or riots during the five days we were there, and it was peaceful. However, there were scars from the riots, such as peeling concrete everywhere, which made us think.



This is the end of the M1 conference presentations. We will consider our future research themes and schedule based on the feedback we have received from outside professors and researchers.


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