Our lab homepage has been updated!

We are pleased to announce that our homepage has been updated. However, the appearance of the homepage has not changed much. The major change is that the address has been changed and the domain name has been changed to the University of Tokyo. LIIS in the current address stands for Lab for Innovative Infrastructure Systems. Personally, I used  “New Generation Infrastructure System Lab” when I wrote my affiliation in English presentations, but from now on I will actively use LIIS.

The site is now responsive so that it can be easily viewed on smartphones!

And we have changed our CMS to WordPress. It is faster and easier to manage than the old one, and we would like to update it more frequently.

It is introduced on the website of Corp.Nankuma, who commissioned us to create the site.

The English page is still under construction, but we plan to make progress little by little with the help of foreign students!



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