The 9th and 10th basic seminar

[2019/07/02 & 07/09]

In the 9th basic seminar, (M1) Mr. Kita was in charge of this seminar and taught how to view, edit, and analyze geospatial information, including how to operate QGIS, a free software, and how to create maps and analyze spatial attributes by coding in R. He prepared materials in considerable detail, ranging from ordinary cartography to the creation of colopres maps. This will be useful for research analysis and illustrations for external presentations.

The 10th seminar was led by Ms. Wang (M1), and covered topics ranging from analysis of large-scale data using R to methods for analyzing spatial statistical data.

This is the end of this year’s basic seminar. The materials used in the seminar will be uploaded on the website as soon as they are ready.



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