Daily Activity Report (From M2 Tabata)

Nice to meet you, I am Tabata, currently a second-year master (M2) student! Hasegawa, who is in charge of the lab’s homepage, has asked me to write about the daily life of our laboratory.

Our lab members are engaged in research activities with a high concentration levels. Based on this description, you may think that our lab is a “rather serious” laboratory, but in fact, we’re not! Few days ago, I had a Hawaiian lunch that was bought from a kitchen car with Arai (M2) and Hasegawa (M1).


We have many opportunities to interact with each other in this relaxed manner, and we are building a relationship based on mutual trust through these kinds of personal conversations. That’s why I think our lab members can express our real opinions in the lab seminar. In fact, we were discussing the presentations of Arai and Ebashi (M1) at the lab seminar on that day.

It is my third year in this laboratory, and I think our lab members have a good balance between research pressure and relaxation. Led by Hasegawa, each of our lab members will keep posting some articles in the future. I hope both research and relaxation activities of our lab can be conveyed to you!



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