[added in 2019/12/6]

CSIS DAYS 2019 was held in front of the station of the Kashiwa Campus of the University of Tokyo, and Ogawa-san (M2) and Kita-san (M1, I) gave a presentation and a poster session.

I was nervous because it was the first time for me to present my research to the public, but I was able to exchange some opinions about my research in a friendly atmosphere from the start to the end, which was very informative. I will make use of the opinions I received in this activity in my future research. In addition, as I have many research presentations coming up in the next few weeks, I would like to continue to improve how I communicate my ideas and results to others.
I would like to thank Professor Kusakabe of the University of Tokyo for inviting us.


Ms. Ogawa also received an award for the best joint research presentation. Congratulations!




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