The 22st Behavior Modeling Summer School

On 18th to 20th September, Behavior Modeling Summer School 2023 was held in a hybrid form on the Hongo campus and online. This year, four members of our laboratory, M1 and B4, participated the summer school.

In this year’s analysis, we created a transportation mode choice model, applied the model to test data, and tried to analyze the characteristics of people who did not fit the model. We had a little bit of a hard time during the three days, but with the help of the advice we received from the professors, we worked together and managed to get the results we wanted!

As a result, we did not win any prizes, but our ideas and attempts were appreciated by the professors. On a personal note, this summer school was the second and last opportunity for me, since M1 and B4 students usually participate in our lab, and it was a great experience for me to deepen my knowledge, not to mention that I had many learning opportunities during this 3-day school period to concentrate on the behavioral models. Thank you very much.bmss2023.jpg[Nakamura]


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