Applied Regional Science Conference (ARSC) @ University of Yamanashi

[17-18 December, 2022]

On 17th (Sat.) and 18th (Sun.) December, the Applied Regional Science Conference held its annual conference at the Kofu Campus, University of Yamanashi, Kofu Campus. (M1 student) Mr. Hasegawa attended the conference as an auditor.

Over the two days, I was able to listen to some presentations of theoretical and empirical research on cities and regions using a variety of methods. In particular, I learned a lot from the presentations on my research field, “spatial economics,” which I have seen in papers and books.

Furthermore, a special session by Prof. Masahisa Fujita, an expert in spatial economics, and the Sakashita Prize-winning lecture by Prof. Fujishima of Hitotsubashi University, were held at this year’s conference. I was inspired that “spatial economics,” which I am currently working on, is one of the hottest fields in economics. It was a great opportunity for me to further my research! Thank you very much!







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