The 6th & 7th lab seminars

The 6th seminar was held on 10/25 and the 7th seminar was held on 10/30.

In the 6th seminar, (M1 students) Mr. Shimizu, Mr. Koyata, and Mr. Kita gave their presentations.
Mr. Shimizu presented the progress of his research on rainy weather and railroad congestion.
Mr. Koyata analyzed the trend of elderly people’s trips based on the Tokyo PT survey.
As a continuation of his graduation thesis, I, Kita, presented my research on the analysis of the intention to use automatic operation from the viewpoint of time value.

In the 7th seminar, (M2 students) Mr. Muro and Ms. Kawai presented their researches.
Mr. Muro presented his plan to introduce a new evaluation method in his research on the effect of Shinkansen maintenance, in addition to the difference-in-differences analysis.
Mr. Kawai presented his research on the possibility of alleviating railroad congestion in the Tokyo metropolitan area by introducing telework, and how he would analyze the results of a questionnaire survey on the intention to implement telework and the results of the Tokyo PT survey.

In fact, the second semester laboratory seminar was presented in English. I think it is a good practice for M2 and B4 students because thesis and dissertation presentations in civil and environmental engineering are given in English. It is a good opportunity for me because I nned to to prepare my overseas research presentation. Let’s improve our English skills together!




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