The 3rd – 5th lab seminars

The 3rd, 4th and 5th seminars were held on October 2, October 9, and October 16, respectively.

In the 3rd seminar, (M2 students) Mr. Shiroma and Ms. Kawai gave their presentations.
Mr. Shiroma presented the direction of network analysis using electric vehicles. He aims to combine user equilibrium allocation and vehicle type selection, taking into account the charging cost of electric vehicles.
Mr. Kawai conducted a rehearsal of a web-based questionnaire asking about the intention of teleworking at satellite offices.

In the fourth lab seminar, (B4 students) Mr. Ukai and Ms. Tabuchi presented their researches.
Mr. Ukai presented the reproduction of the model used in his previous research on hunting phenomena.
Ms. Tabuchi will analyze the trip data in the Tokyo metropolitan area obtained from the Tokyo PT survey in 2008 using the Recursive Logit model and study the feasibility of introducing MaaS, etc.
The B4 students have also finalized their plans for their thesis, and it is time for them to get down to serious research work. I know that there will be many difficulties in their first research and thesis writing, but I wish them the best of luck.

In the fifth lab seminar, (M2 students) Ms. Iokura and Ms. Wang presented their papers.
Ms. Wang presented the results of the traffic survey in Ishigaki Island conducted from August to September. I am looking forward to the future analysis.
Ms. Iokura presented her study abroad in Sweden and internship in the Philippines during the past year. It was interesting to hear about the situation of universities and traffic in other countries.



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