We’ve started the lab activities for the 2023 academic year!

Recently, we held the first seminar of the 2023 academic year in our lab! We’re pleased to welcome three new B4 students, Mr. Uemachi, Mr. Kawasaki, and Mr. Mega, to our laboratory. After three M2 students graduated last year, we were worried about the decrease in the number of lab members. However, we will continue to operate with nine student members for now.

As in the previous year, we will have seminars once a week. In the first semester, we will have a basic seminar and a research progress seminar, each for one hour. The basic seminar will focus on game theory. Last year’s basic seminar covered three topics, it was difficult to thoroughly understand each one as some of the details were skipped. Thus, we plan to focus on just one topic this year to ensure a better understanding of the material.

This year, I (Hasegawa) will primarily provide regular updates on laboratory life, and occasionally, some new members will also contribute. We appreciate your continued support in this academic year.



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