Lab activities in 2022 begin!

Hello, I am Hasegawa, a first-year master’s student. For the past few weeks, this page has not been updated by students due to the Corona disaster, but this year, as the webmaster, I would like to provide you with as much information about our laboratory life as possible.

Last month, the first seminar of this year was held. We welcomed two new members, Mr. Lee (M1) and Ms. Nakamura (B4), bringing the total number of student members to nine. Chee Yung (M1), an international student from Malaysia, joined our lab in the middle of last year and had been participating in the seminar online for a long time, but finally he was able to come to Japan on this day and we had a face-to-face seminar with the full group. Many of the classes are now being held in a face-to-face format, and the campus has come back to life, but I hope that the laboratory activities will gradually become more active as well.

As in the previous year, the frequency of seminars continues to be once a week, with one hour each for a basic seminar and a research progress seminar in the first semester. The basic seminar will cover discrete choice, transportation networks, and urban economics. Urban economics is an area that I personally have been working on for the last year, so I hope that it will be a good opportunity to let other members know what I have been doing.

I will continue to regularly post information about our seminars and daily life in the laboratory on this page, so I look forward to your continued support this year.




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