Resumption of Lab Activities, Short-term Visit by SIT Student, and More!

Summer vacation is over! Some students have completed all credits and do not have classes, so the main change is the resumption of laboratory seminars. Our lab seminars have resumed from the end of last month. The frequency of the seminar is once a week as in the previous semester, and basically one student in charge of the seminar gives a presentation on the research progress every week.

I was the one to give the presentation last week. It was hard to prepare because the presentation time for each student was longer than last semester > <. However, because of this, I was able to introduce some formulations that I had not often mentioned in my previous presentations, so I think I was able to let everyone know more concretely about what kind of research I was doing.

In addition, Mr. Matsumura, a first-year master’s student at Shibaura Institute of Technology (SIT), is visiting our lab for a month starting from this month! He is conducting research on MaaS at the Oyama Laboratory. He will give a presentation in the lab seminar this month, so I am looking forward to hearing his presentation.

Moreover, Prof. Fukuda has celebrated his birthday, and we have prepared a surprise celebration for him. Happy birthday!



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