End of the 10th-14th lab seminar & first semester lab activities!

Yesterday’s lab seminar marked the end of our lab’s activities for the first semester! There were five lab seminars in July. The learning seminar mainly dealt with urban economics, it was closely related to (M2) Tabata-san’s research and there was a lively discussion. Personally, I was in charge of two presentations in the learning seminar this month. It was a bit difficult for me, but I was able to deepen my understanding of this subject.

The laboratory activities have come to an end, it will be summer vacation once our exams and final reports are completed, but I think we will be even busier than before. Besides M2 students, M1 international students will work hard with their research for the mid-term presentation, while B4 students will be preparing for the graduate school entrance examinations at the end of August.

Recently, the number of people infected with the COVID-19 has been increasing. Although the lab end semester party has been cancelled, we are planning to hold a joint seminar with other laboratories in the beginning of next month. I am looking forward to some discussions and opinion exchanges there, and I have to start my research and final reports from now!



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