Presentations of graduation theses and master’s theses in 2021

The master’s thesis presentation of the Tokyo Institute of Technology and the graduation thesis presentation at the University of Tokyo Thesis for the academic year 2021 were held on February 9-10 and February 8-9, respectively. Four M2 students (Ukai, Kimura, Sakurai, and Tabuchi) and two B4 students (Ebashi and Hasegawa) passed the thesis presentations.

In addition, B4 student Hasegawa received the Tanabe Sakuro Prize.

Each presentation title is as follows:

Mr. Ukai: Study of traffic management based on information design
Mr. Kimura: Simulating Time-Varying Fare Policy of Urban Rail Transit Considering Structural Changes in Passenger Demand
Mr. Sakurai: Analysis of Congestion Pricing in A Sightseeing Area with Activity-Based Travel Choice Modeling
Ms. Tabuchi: Evaluation of Subscription Plan in Urban MaaS Considering People’s Daily Activity Pattern
Mr. Ebashi: Online experimental study on traffic information provision method based on self-fulfilling signals
Mr. Hasegawa: Post-evaluation of place-based policy in Japan based on Quantitative Spatial Economics




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