The 1st learning seminar in 2019


In the first basic seminar of this year, Mr. Kawai (M2) introduced R, a free software and programming language for statistical analysis. I think this seminar covered the basics of data aggregation in a nutshell. Programming is a skill that can only be mastered by actually writing with your hands, so let’s keep up the good work!

In 2019, each student will be in charge of a 90-minute presentation, and the seminar will mainly focus on programming implementation exercises.

*As a start-up, Fukuda Laboratory conducts a basic seminar on the basic theories (traffic behavior and traffic networks) necessary for traffic analysis in the first 2-3 months of the fiscal year. 2018 fiscal year, the seminar will focus on two topics, “traffic behavior analysis” and “traffic network analysis,” with the aim of learning basic theories and application methods (e.g., programming skills). (Kawai).


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