The 2nd – 4th learning seminar in 2019

[2019/05/14, 05/21 & 05/28]

In the 2nd learning seminar,Mr. Ogawa (M2) gave an introduction to Python. As in the previous seminar, we covered basic data aggregation using Jupyter Notebook, a tool for data analysis, and since Python is a software that is used not only for statistics but also for a wide range of other purposes, it is definitely something we want to be able to use!

In the 3rd seminar, Mr. Shiroma (M2) covered some regression analysis methods, from theory to coding using R, including the least squares method (OLS), the instrumental variables method (IV), and the generalized least squares method (GLS).

In the 4th basic seminar, Mr. Muro (M2) covered multivariate analysis methods, from theory to coding using R for factor analysis and covariance structure analysis. (Kawai).


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