2018 3rd Learning Seminar “Regression Analysis & Causal Effect Analysis”


The 3rd Basic Seminar was “Regression Analysis” and “Causal Effect Analysis”. Mr. Suzuki explained the former, while Mr. Shiroma explained the latter.

In the “regression analysis” part, participants were listened to a brief explanation of the theory and executing code in R. 

In “causal effects analysis” part, the theory was explained and packages were introduced, and the seminar ended with a lengthy discussion on the control variable method. The instrumental variable method seems to be a method used in ordinary regression analysis when there is a correlation between the explanatory variable and the error term. However, it does not seem to be very versatile, for example, it is difficult to find a control variable, and it is not necessary to use it if panel data are available. As my understanding is insufficient, I would appreciate it if someone could teach me in details.


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