2018 2nd Learning Seminar “Big Data Processing & Basic operations of QGIS”


The second learning seminar was held. The contents were “Big Data Processing” by Mr. Koizumi of Asakura Lab, and “Basic operations of QGIS” by Ms. Salsa and Mr. Azarel.

R and Python were used for “Big Data Processing” and there was a comparison of calculation speeds and introduction of effective packages.

In “Basic Operations of QGIS,” the participants installed plug-ins for OpenStreetMap and basic analysis, read shapefiles, and narrowed down conditions on the attribute table. This was especially important in the field of transportation, where large amounts of data are frequently handled and visualized on maps. Mr. Koizumi, Ms. Salsa, and Mr. Azarel all explained in an easy-to-understand manner, and I feel that this seminar was very fruitful!


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