2018 Suzukake Peripatos Ekiden (Relay Race)


We participated in the 2nd “Suzukake Peripatos Ekiden” held at the Suzukakedai Campus as a team from the Fukuda Lab! We got the 6th place in Block B!

There was a strong wind blowing that day, but the weather was fine and it was a perfect day for the road relay race. This is a 1.9km route consisting of 99% slopes, which is 4 laps by 4 people. Our laboratory consists of Mr. Shiroma (M1) > Mr. Gohyaku (M1) & Nacchan (elementary school student) > Mr. Imaoka (M2) > Ms. Hirabayashi (M2). It was a very hard course, but I feel that we were able to enjoy an active event suitable for the last day of Golden Week. Let’s keep a good balance between our studies and work hard on our research!



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