The 1st Lab Seminar in 2018 (Hirabayashi, Suzuki)


Sorry for the late update. The first lab seminar of this year was led by Ms. Hirabayashi (M2) and Mr. Suzuki (M2). The presentations consisted of two parts: past researches and master’s thesis plans.

The position of the laboratory seminar is to provide a platform to share the contents of one’s own research with the members. In other words, it is an opportunity to explain the research flow in a broad sense, rather than explaining detailed research methods, etc. Each person has one hour, with 30 minutes for a presentation and 30 minutes for a question-and-answer session.

Ms. Hirabayashi introduced her work on “research for reducing traffic congestion in urban areas based on MFD theory” and “pedestrian model” as a concept he worked on last year. On the other hand, Mr. Suzuki presented “Research on Data Fusion of Inter-Urban Flow” as the former and “Creation of Optimal Inter-Urban Networks” as the latter. Let’s do our best in the master’s research.


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