2014 Laboratory Seminar Camp in Toyama and Kanazawa

From 21st to 23rd 2014, our laboratory held a seminar camp in Toyama and Kanazawa.

The participants observed the current state of transportation and cities, including LRT, urban development, and preservation of town houses, and gave their seminar presentations in the form of intensive lectures.

Day 1 (21st September 2014: Toyama City Tour and Seminar Presentation Part 1)

  • Tokyo→Toyama(Airplane)
  • Toyama Station→Iwasehama Station (Toyama Light Rail)
  • Tour of the wholesale district of Iwasehama (Port of Toyama)
  • Shopping street in the city (using a rental bicycle in the city)
  • Seminar presentation Part 1 (microeconomic analysis)
  1. Presentation Material(Kikuchi)


Day 2 (22nd September 2014: Seminar Presentation Part 2 and Part 3)

  • Seminar Presentation Part2 (Microeconomic Analysis)
  1. Presentation Material(Dantsuji)
  2. Presentation Material(Wang)
  3. Presentation Material(Bando)
  • Seminar Presentation Part3 (Pattern Recoginition and Machine Learning: The second half will be in Tokyo. For details, please see the 2014 second semester lab seminar)
  1. Presentation Material(Ito)
  2. Presentation Material(Shinkai)
  3. Presentation Material(Mizuguchi)


Day 3 (23rd September 2014: Kanazawa city tour)

  • Toyama→Kanazawa (JR)
  • Kanazawa City Machiya preservation tour
  • Visit the transit mall in Kanazawa City
  • Kanazawa→Komatsu (JR)
  • Komatsu→Tokyo(Airplane)




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