Past members

Members and graduates in 2022:


  • 荒井 悠樹(Completed Master’s course, Japan International Cooperation Agency [JICA])
  • 田端 俊也(Completed Master’s course, Nomura Research Institute)
  • 羽間 真奈実(Completed Master’s course, Taisei Corporation)
  • 中村 香里(Undergraduate graduation@UT,Study for Master’s course)


Members and graduates in 2021:


  • 鵜飼 健太(Completed Master’s course@TIT,Creative Research and Planning Co., Ltd)
  • 木村 彗留(Completed Master’s course@TIT,P&G)
  • 櫻井 陸斗(Completed Master’s course@TIT,Tokyo Tatemono)
  • 田淵 景子(Completed Master’s course@TIT,Tokyo Tatemono)
  • 江橋 恭士朗(Undergraduate graduation@UT,Study for Master’s course)
  • 長谷川 啓太(Undergraduate graduation@UT,Study for Master’s course)


Members and graduates in 2020:


  • 壇辻 貴生(Research Fellow@UT&TIT,Project Assistant Professor at Kanazawa University)
  • 岡 英紀(Completed Doctoral’s course@TIT,Institute of Behavioral Sciences [IBS])
  • Azarel Chamorro Obra(Dropping out of doctoral’s course@TIT,Mirai Share)
  • 王 英帅(Completed Master’s course@TIT,Honda Motor Company)
  • 五百蔵 夏穂(Completed Master’s course@TIT,Japan International Cooperation Agency)
  • 北 侑祐(Completed Master’s course@TIT,Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)
  • 小谷田 浩希(Dropping out of master’s course@TIT,The University of New South Wales)
  • 清水 裕斗(Completed Master’s course@TIT,Hitachi Business Solution Co., Ltd)
  • 田端 俊也(Undergraduate graduation@UT,Study for Master’s course)


Members and graduates in 2019:


  • 葛 乾 (Expiration of Research Fellow,Asssitant Professor at Southwest University[Chengdu])
  • 壇辻 貴生(Completed Doctoral’s course,Research Fellow at Tokyo Tech)
  • Salsabila Panji Arum(Completed Master’s course,Cushman & Wakefield Indonesia)
  • 小川 晃平(Completed Master’s course,Shuto Expressway)
  • 河井 智弘(Completed Master’s course,Japan Railway Construction, Transport and Technology Agency)
  • 城間 洋也 (Completed Master’s course,Pacific Consultants Co., Ltd.)
  • 室 祥太朗(Completed Master’s course,West Japan Railway Company)
  • 鵜飼 健太(Undergraduate graduation,Study for Master’s course)
  • 田淵 景子(Undergraduate graduation,Study for Master’s course)


Members and graduates in 2018:


  • 今岡 将大(Completed Master’s course,Pacific Consultants Co., Ltd. )
  • 金子 法子(Completed Master’s course,Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.)
  • 鈴木 新(Completed Master’s course,Narita International Airport)
  • 平林 新(Completed Master’s course,Tokyo Metro)
  • Azarel Chamorro Obra(修士課程修了,Study for Doctoral’s course)
  • 北 侑祐(Undergraduate graduation,Study for Master’s course)
  • 小林 渉(Research Student,From the graduate school of Shibaura Institute of Technology)
  • 中西航特任助教は,became a member of Asakura Lab since 2019/04.


Members and graduates in 2017:


  • 阿部 紘之(Completed Master’s course,Chuo Consultant)
  • 小林 巴奈(Completed Master’s course,NTT Data)
  • 都留 崇弘(Completed Master’s course,Pacific Consultants Co., Ltd. )
  • 篠原 丈実(Completed Master’s course,Japan Railway Construction, Transport and Technology Agency)
  • 五百蔵 夏穂(Undergraduate graduation,Study for Master’s course)
  • 城間 洋也(Undergraduate graduation,Study for Master’s course)


Members and graduates in 2016:


  • 山口裕通(Research Fellow,Project Assistant Professor at Kanazawa University)
  • 葛 乾(Completed Master’s course,Research Fellow at Tokyo Tech)
  • 壇辻 貴生(Completed Master’s course,Study for Doctoral’s course)
  • 王 高琪(Completed Master’s course,CTI Engineering Co., Ltd.)
  • 水口 正教(Completed Master’s course,Mitsui Fudosan)
  • 今岡 将大(Undergraduate graduation,Study for Master’s course)
  • 鈴木 新(Undergraduate graduation,Study for Master’s course)
  • HJHASHIM NURUL ASYIKIN(Short-term exhange student,From Malaya University [Malaysia])


Members and graduates in 2015:


  • Xiao Yu(Completed Doctoral’s course,Institute of Behavioral Sciences [IBS])
  • 亀谷 淳平(Completed Master’s course,NTT East Japan)
  • 菊池 恵和(Completed Master’s course,Yachiyo Engineering Co., Ltd.)
  • 篠原 丈実(Undergraduate graduation,Study for Master’s course)
  • 都留 崇弘(Undergraduate graduation,Study for Master’s course)
  • Wei Hsin-Yi(Research Student,From National Central University [Taiwan])


Members and graduates in 2014:


  • 伊藤海優(Completed Master’s course,NTT Data)
  • 坂東 徹(Completed Master’s course,Tokyo Metropolis)
  • 眞貝憲史(Completed Master’s course ※Department of Built Environment,Regional Futures Research Center)
  • 水口正教(Undergraduate graduation,Study for Master’s course)
  • 馬 江山 (Ma Jiangshan)(Research Fellow at Tokyo Tech,Assistant Professor at Shanghai Maritime University)


Members and graduates in 2013:


  • 福田 剛之(Completed Master’s course,Mitsubishi Corporation)
  • 藤田亮祐(Completed Master’s course,Chiyoda Corporation)
  • 遠藤壮一郎(Completed Master’s course,Japan External Trade Organization[JETRO])
  • 亀谷淳平(Undergraduate graduation,Study for Master’s course)
  • 菊池恵和(Undergraduate graduation,Study for Master’s course)
  • 謝 超達(Xie Chaoda)(Completed Master’s course,Beijing Transportation Research Center)


Members and graduates in 2012:


  • 馬 江山(Ma Jiangshan)(Completed Doctoral’s course,Research Fellow at Tokyo Tech)
  • 洪 子涵(Hong Zihan)(Completed Master’s course,Study for Doctoral’s course at Northwestern University)
  • 肖 禹(Xiao Yu)(Completed Master’s course,Study for Doctoral’s course)
  • 山田 薫(Completed Master’s course,ORIENTAL CONSULTANTS Co.,Ltd.)
  • 石井良治(Completed Master’s course,Institute of Behavioral Sciences [IBS])
  • 伊藤海優(Undergraduate graduation,Study for Master’s course)
  • 坂東 徹(Undergraduate graduation,Study for Master’s course)
  • 野里常晃子(Secretary)


Members and graduates in 2011:


  • 柳沼秀樹(Dropping out of Doctoral’s course,Highway Planning Inc.->Completed Doctoral’s course[2013/04]・Project Assistant Professor at the University of Tokyo)
  • 伊藤愛実(Undergraduate graduation,NIPPON STEEL KOWA REAL ESTATE CO., LTD.)
  • 藤田亮祐(Undergraduate graduation,Study for Master’s course)
  • Henrik Gudmundsson(Visiting Researcher,Chief Researcher at the Department of Transport, Technical University of Denmark)
  • Kim Hee Oog(Short-term Exchange Student from Technical University of Denmark)


Members and graduates in 2010:


  • Grace Uayan Padayhag(Completed Doctoral’s course, Japan Transport and Tourism Research Institute>Associate Professor at De La Salle University )
  • 小林迪子(Completed Master’s course,Showa Shell Sekiyu)
  • 斉藤洋平(Completed Master’s course,East Japan Railway Company)
  • 森 浩介(Completed Master’s course,Yamato Transport)
  • 渡邊 望(Completed Master’s course,Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism)
  • 瀬尾 亨(Undergraduate graduation,Study for Master’s course)
  • 石井良治(Undergraduate graduation,Study for Master’s course)
  • 福田剛之(Undergraduate graduation,Study for Master’s course)
  • 羽鳥剛史助教は,Transferred as an associate professor to the Department of Engineering for Production and Environment, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Ehime University from 2011/04


Members and graduates in 2009:


  • 高橋 茜(Completed Master’s course,Shimizu Corporation)
  • 松尾誠太郎(Completed Master’s course,Nippon Express)
  • 三木谷智(Completed Master’s course,Chiba Prefectural Government Office)
  • 山田 薫(Undergraduate graduation,Study for Master’s course)
  • 島野和樹(Undergraduate graduation,Join music activities)
  • 陳 聖鈺[Cheng Shen-Yu (Alice)](Short-term exhange student from National Central University [Taiwan])
  • Pierre Pettersson(Short-term exhange student from KTH Royal Institute of Technology)
  • 多田真州美(Secretary)
  • 佐々木眞紀子(Dean’s secretary)
  • Jan-Dirk Schmoecker客員准教授は,Transferred as an associate professor to the Department of Civil Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University since 2010/04.


Members and graduates in 2008:


  • 松本治之(Completed Master’s course,Chuo-Nittochi Group Co., Ltd.)
  • 松山宜弘(Undergraduate graduation,Bank of America)
  • 小林迪子(Undergraduate graduation,Study for Master’s course)
  • Hilario Sean Palmiano(JSPS Project Visiting Researcher,University of the Philippines)


Members and graduates in 2007:


  • 松本 治之(Undergraduate graduation,Study for Master’s course)
  • 李 楊(Undergraduate graduation,Back to China)
  • 上野かおり( Secretary)




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