Lab Introduction



The Lab for Innovative Infrastructure Systems (Fukuda Laboratory) is a research laboratory affiliated with the Department of Civil Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering at the University of Tokyo.

We are engaged in theoretical and practical research based on analytical and behavioral scientific methodologies to explore the “mobility” of people and goods and the “social systems” brought about by their integration. We welcome those who are interested in “the relationships between people, land, cities and transportation systems,” “system design and evaluation for building a better society,” and “human beings behavior”. Starting with the basic knowledge, we would like to deepen the understanding of the relationships among transportation, land, cities and the economy, and then improve our research skills for solving some real-world policy issues.

Some specific research topics include: (1) economic evaluation and application of travel time reliability, (2) econometric analysis of car ownership and its usage, (3) development of econometric models of pedestrian behavior and efficient data acquisition algorithms, (4) optimal route guidance algorithm under uncertainty, (5) mathematical studies of urban railway delays, and (6) traffic survey and demand forecasting model in the era of big data. Although these topics may seem somewhat divergent, we hope that it can be interpreted as Prof. Fukuda’s wide range of research interests.

The main activity of our laboratory is a weekly seminar for students to report their research progress.

We are always looking for energetic and passionate students, so please feel free to contact us if you are interested in our lab.


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